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Zineo Unveils Phase 2: Launching New Smart Contract to Empower Collectors and Eliminate Paper Hand

Zineo NFT, the pioneering platform at the forefront of digital collectibles, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of Phase 2, featuring a revolutionary new smart contract. This cutting-edge development aims to empower collectors and ensure the longevity and value of their investments by combating paper hands and reinforcing a strong community of dedicated NFT enthusiasts.

Building when they successful in Phase 1, Zineo NFT continues to redefine the NFT landscape by introducing a robust smart contract mechanism designed to uphold the core principles of the platform. The newly implemented contract acts as a safeguard against early and undesired sales, providing enhanced protection to creators and collectors alike.

Key Features of the New Smart Contract:

  1. Protection Against Paper Hands: Zineo NFT recognizes the importance of fostering a sustainable and thriving community. The new smart contract discourages premature selling of NFTs by implementing an innovative mechanism. If a collector attempts to sell their NFT below the mint price, which is set at 1 ETH, the NFT will be automatically transferred back to the original creator, reinforcing the commitment to long-term value preservation.

  2. Creator Empowerment: The new smart contract enhances the creator's position within the Zineo NFT ecosystem. By offering an added layer of protection, creators can confidently mint and promote their artwork, knowing that the value and integrity of their creations are safeguarded. This empowerment fosters an environment where creators can flourish and continue producing exceptional digital assets.

  3. Reinforcing Community Engagement: Zineo NFT firmly believes in the power of community and aims to foster a vibrant and engaged network of collectors and creators. By implementing this new smart contract, the platform encourages meaningful interactions and long-term collaboration, creating an ecosystem where everyone thrives together.

Founder and CEO of Zineo NFT, expressed their enthusiasm for Phase 2, stating, "We are dedicated to building a strong and sustainable NFT community. The introduction of our new smart contract marks a significant milestone in achieving this goal. By eliminating paper hands and promoting creator empowerment, we are committed to maximizing the potential and value of NFT investments."

Zineo NFT invites collectors, creators, and enthusiasts to join them on this groundbreaking journey. To learn more about the new smart contract and explore the limitless possibilities of digital collectibles, visit and follow us on

About Zineo NFT:

Zineo NFT is a visionary platform that redefines the digital collectibles landscape by merging technology, art, and culture. With a commitment to empowering creators, fostering community engagement, and providing enhanced value preservation, Zineo NFT is shaping the future of NFTs. Join us as we revolutionize the way we experience and collect digital assets.

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